Ubisoft introduces Alibi, Rainbow Six: Siege’s newest operator

Italian operator Alibi showcased in new teaser of Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Para Bellum

Latest teaser of upcoming Rainbox Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum shows off a new Italian operator, Alibi.

If you haven’t noticed, Operation Chimera is almost over as we are approaching a brand new season in Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft have kick-started the hype train for a brand new season by introducing the first Italian operator, Alibi. The new season is titled Operation Para Bellum and will feature 2 new Italian Operators and a brand new map.

A month before we had leaks stating the new operators are going to be Alibi and Maestro. Both defenders, with Alibi having the ability to project holograms and Maestro having some version of a turret. Ubisoft has finally confirmed these rumors by uploading an introduction video for Alibi and she does have holograms. You can check out the video below:

It will be interesting to see how these holograms will work in-game. If the leaks are to be believed, it seems when the holograms get shot, they reveal the position pretty much Lion-esque for some seconds.

We are yet to see the first official glimpse of Maestro, after Alibi being pretty much accurate to the leaked version it’s safe to say that Maestro will also be relatively close. The two operators are going to be defenders and are aimed to balance out the two new attackers  Lion and Finka, introduced during Operation Chimera.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that we will get live footage of Alibi and Maestro during the pro league matches on May 20th. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Ubisoft

This article has been written with inputs from Ajay Warrier, Executive Editor.

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