Saints Row 5 Release Date — Is It REALLY Coming?

Saints Row 5 release date

Here is everything we know so far about Saints Row 5. 15 years ago, THQ decided to make a game very much like Grand theft Auto on steroids. Hence the first Saints Row was born. Since then the franchise has seen its series of ups and lows. Soon after its release, the game found a… Read More

Best Tablets With Keyboards For Writers And Bloggers

best tablets with keyboards

Are you a blogger or a freelance writer? If so, you might want to check out these best tablets with keyboards to enhance your productivity on the go. We are living in the 21st Century where everything is on the go. We are all connected regardless of our region all thanks to the mighty internet…. Read More

Dead Space 4 Release Date, News, Storyline — What To Expect?

Dead Space 4

Here is everything we know thus far about the upcoming Dead Space 4 game. Dead Space is, without a speck of doubt, one of the most adored gaming franchises on the planet. A franchise featuring multiple video games, two animated movies, and a comic book series. With no news on a potential future title, let’s… Read More