AMD Ryzen 2 CPU Details To Be Revealed At GDC

AMD to reveal more details about Ryzen 2 at GDC

AMD To Release Second Gen of Ryzen CPUs It has been announced that AMD are going to be releasing their second generation of the Ryzen CPU’s. Currently, we know that they plan to release the CPUs in April. However, they will be giving us a sneak peak of the new chip at the GDC in… Read More

Intel Kaby Lake G Vega M Specs and Release Date

Intel Kaby Lake G specs and release date

Intel Kaby Lake G Release Just after the initial launch announcement of the Intel Kaby Lake G in January, we don’t expect to be seeing the new chips until at least Spring 2018. This could mean that they start rolling out mid-late March. However, we don’t know an exact date as of now. Specs Surprisingly,… Read More

Sharkoon Skiller SGC1 Is A New Budget PC Chassis

Sharkoon Skiller SGC1 announced

Building On A Budget? The new Sharkoon Skiller SGC1 has got your back! Building a PC from scratch can be a costly task. However, many builders decide to build on a budget and Sharkoon have decided to help out by announcing a new budget chassis. Skiller SGC1 Sharkoon have recently announced that they are going… Read More

Coffee Lake Desktop Chips to Launch in February

Intel coffee lake desktop chips leaked

The 8th Gen Coffee Lake Chip Back in September, Intel announced their latest 8th generation Coffee Lake desktop chips. It was said that the lineup was going to contain the best CPU for gaming ever. However, many were disappointed with the small lineup. Apparently, there would only be six processors and they are only compatible… Read More

Samsung 860 PRO and EVO SSDs Announced For $94.99 and $139.99

Samsung announced 860 Pro and Evo SSDs

Two New SSD’s Added to The Family Samsung have recently added two brand new SSD’s into their ever-growing family. So, expect to see the Samsung 860 PRO and EVO coming to an electronics store near you. The two new Samsung SSD’s are expected to be released at some point this month or early in February…. Read More

Best Christmas Tech Gifts For 2017 Under £100

best Christmas tech gifts for 2017 under £100

Best Christmas Tech Gifts For 2017 (Under £100) Still wondering what present to get someone? Everyone loves a bit of tech so look no further. Continue reading to see some great deals on the best Christmas tech gifts for your last minute Christmas tech shop! Google Home Mini Price: £34 Smart speakers are slowly becoming more… Read More

The Best Upcoming Games of 2018 that You Need to Know

Here is the list of best upcoming games in 2018

These are some of the best games that will come out in 2018 We all love getting excited about upcoming games in the near future. 2018 is no different. We will be looking at some of the best upcoming game releases for next year including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC! Far Cry 5 Release Date: 27th… Read More