Big Clapper Robot Is, Well, A Clapping Robot; Now Live On Kickstarter

Big Clapper is a robot that claps and cheer people

The Big Clapper Robot is interactive, funny, and most of all cute. It’s basically a clapping robot — about the size of a pedestal fan — aimed to cheer up and spread happiness.

Speaking of the Kickstarter project, creator Masato Takahashi says, “In order to recreate a natural clapping effect, a great deal of development went into the materials, shapes, angles and other aspects of Big Clapper’s hands.

Besides just clapping, the Big Clapper robot is also capable of greeting people and would be a great addition to your storefront, at the office, social gatherings, birthday parties and more. There are some built-in voice notes on board, but you can always record whatever you want via a dedicated app and make the robot say it for you.

The robot also comes with several modes out of the box. In “Performance” mode, the robot can sing and cheer up people around it while in the “My Music” mode, the robot can be tweaked to clap automatically to your playlist.

To know more about the robot and fund the campaign, make sure to head over to the source link below. Pledging starts from 450,000 yen (which roughly translates to $4073) and will fetch you an English-language version of the Big Clapper robot.

Sometimes what the world needs may be a clapping robot.

Keep going for the video:

Source: Kickstarter

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