McDonald’s Bringing Back Its Legendary Szechuan Sauce for Rick and Morty’s Sake

Rick and Morty

THIS utterly distasteful, (un)family-friendly animated sitcom is apparently the reason why McDonald’s is bringing back their legendary Szechuan Sauce. It was the year 1998, when most centennials were still waddling about in their diapers, when McDonald’s had introduced a special Szechuan Sauce as part of a promotional campaign for the Disney movie, Mulan. The sauce… Read More

T-Mobile to Get Its First 600MHz-Ready Device in a Fortnight

T-Mobile LG V30

T-Mobile’s first 600MHz-supported Android smartphone is finally up for pre-orders. Unless you have been living under a rock, you’d probably have heard about T-Mobile and its billion dollar project to roll out a 600MHz with an eye on closing its coverage gap vis-à-vis key competitors like Verizon and AT&T. So far, there has been one… Read More

Waymo Wants Uber to Cough Up $2.6 Billion for ‘Stolen’ Trade Secrets

trade secrets

Self-driving cars company Waymo and cab-hailing service provider Uber seem to be headed toward an ugly legal battle. After dragging Uber to court over its partnership with Waymo’s former employee Anthony Levandowski, who it alleges stole crucial trade secrets before exiting the company, and more recently, pushing for a delay in trail, the autonomous car… Read More

Intel Inside, Waymo’s Self-driving Vehicles to be Fully Autonomous

Waymo Intel partnership

Alphabet Inc’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, has been striking all the right notes in the realm of autonomous vehicles ever since its inception. It has recently emerged that hardware giant Intel has been a key ally in Waymo’s pursuit of making driverless vehicles a reality. In a statement issued on Monday, Intel revealed its collaboration… Read More