Samsung Mocks Apple’s Notorious Throttling Issue In Their Latest Ad

Samsung pokes fun at Apple iPhone throttling issue in their latest advert

Oh, these Samsung vs Apple adverts are simply the best! Samsung on Friday released a new advertisement, “Samsung Galaxy: Moving on“, that takes a jab at the throttling issue that older iPhone users have been facing since forever, but has been in the limelight only recently after Apple confirmed the allegation. Though the throttling story… Read More

McDonald’s Bringing Back Its Legendary Szechuan Sauce for Rick and Morty’s Sake

Rick and Morty

THIS utterly distasteful, (un)family-friendly animated sitcom is apparently the reason why McDonald’s is bringing back their legendary Szechuan Sauce. It was the year 1998, when most centennials were still waddling about in their diapers, when McDonald’s had introduced a special Szechuan Sauce as part of a promotional campaign for the Disney movie, Mulan. The sauce… Read More

New Movie Trailers That Deserve Your Attention Now

new movie trailers 2017

If you had to pick up one movie you are looking forward to this year, which one would it be? Me? I can’t seem to make up my mind between A Bad Moms Christmas, The Current War, and Rememory. As if that wasn’t being spoilt for choice enough, this set of new movie trailers takes… Read More

8 New Movie Trailers to Keep You Hooked This Week

movie trailers

We are back with your weekly dose of latest must-watch movie trailers. Movie trailers are often passed off as a piece of promotion. It takes an avid film buff to appreciate this intricate art form that is all about striking that tricky balance between packing a punch and not giving away too much. If you… Read More