Point is the all-in-one security system you need at home

Point home security device

Ever heard of Point? Ever heard of Minut Inc? Well, you know what? Never mind. In case you didn’t know, Point is an all-in-one security system that you’re gonna need at your home. It’s essentially a circular device that you’ll need to attach at some part of your home, and ta-da, you get to stop worrying… Read More

Best Christmas Tech Gifts For 2017 Under £100

best Christmas tech gifts for 2017 under £100

Best Christmas Tech Gifts For 2017 (Under £100) Still wondering what present to get someone? Everyone loves a bit of tech so look no further. Continue reading to see some great deals on the best Christmas tech gifts for your last minute Christmas tech shop! Google Home Mini Price: £34 Smart speakers are slowly becoming more… Read More

SoundBot Launches SS301 3-in-1 Gaming Combo in India

SportsBot SS301 Gaming Combo is available for purchase in India

SoundBot, the premium accessory maker, launches their first ever 3-in-1 gaming combo dubbed SS301 in India for Rs. 1,999. SoundBot, a company that by its own admission is driven by a mission to premium accessories through innovation, quality, convenience, and technology, has launched its first ever 3-in-1 gaming combo – the SportsBot SS301 – in… Read More

This IoT-based ‘Birdhouse’ Kickstarter Project has got me excited

Birdhouse: An Internet-of-Things work of art

Nah, it’s not the typical birdhouse you see around! Albert Raven has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign dubbed ‘Birdhouse: An Internet-of-Things work of art’. As the name suggests, it’s an IoT-based project that is as interesting as it sounds. But, there is a catch: the project does not involve the participation of any real… Read More

MakeX Migo is World’s First Internet-enabled 3D printer

MakeX Migo

After having run two successful Kickstarter campaigns for its previous line-up of 3D printers – the M-One and the M-Jewelry DLP printers – MakeX has once again turned to the crowdfunding platform for its third product, the FDM 3D printer, MakeX Migo. MakeX Migo, the first-ever internet-enabled 3D printer from the Chinese manufacturer stands out… Read More

This Self-Cleaning Bottle ‘Quartz’ purifies water in just 60 seconds

Quartz water bottle is world's first self-cleaning bottle

Quartz Water Bottle is the world’s first self-cleaning bottle that uses UV-C light to kill 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your bottle and water. Think twice before you reach for that single-use bottle. That’s a lot of plastic you’re using! There is a new Kickstarter campaign in town asking you to ditch your current unhygienic plastic bottles… Read More