Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG V30S ThinQ: LG, You Okay?

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG V30S ThinQ

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG V30S ThinQ: Which one should you buy? Can LG V30S ThinQ take on Samsung’s best smartphone of 2018, the Galaxy S9? Well, the answer is short and simple — No! As expected, Samsung and LG unveiled their best smartphone offering at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in the form of… Read More

iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus: ALMOST the same

iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus

Here is a side-to-side comparison between the yesteryear’s iPhone 7 Plus and the recently unveiled iPhone 8 Plus. Following months of leaks and rumors, Apple recently unveiled its latest iPhone lineup for this year. This year’s Keynote event has in fact re-written the history of iPhone launch as Apple unveiled not just two but three… Read More

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which one has a better camera? (Video)

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus

Here’s a detailed camera comparison video between the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 Plus that you shouldn’t miss.  If you’ve been involved in the world of phones recently you’ll know that Samsung has been doing some serious heavy lifting with their cameras. Starting with the S6, through to the newly released Note 8, Samsung… Read More

LG V30 vs V30 Plus: What’s the difference?

LG V30 vs V30 Plus

The difference between LG V30 and LG V30 Plus — All you need to know! Back at IFA trade show in Berlin, LG showcased their latest flagship offerings for the third quarter of 2017. Dubbed LG V30 and LG V30 Plus, these handsets come with high-end specifications and a beautiful design, that could give other premium… Read More