ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch is an Apple Watch rip-off that costs only $50

ORDRO SW25 smartwatch specs, features and price

ORDRO SW25 Smartwatch features a 1.54-inch Arc 2.5D display, MediaTek MTK2502 processor, 64MB RAM and 128MB of internal storage.  Chances are you have neither heard about ORDRO nor their smartwatch named ORDRO SW25. ORDRO is a China-based smartwatch maker that is known for making ultra budget-friendly smartwatches. Their latest product, named ORDRO SW25, is a… Read More

LEMFO LES1 3G Smartwatch Specs: quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, Android 5.1

LEMFO LES1 Specs: 3G smartwatch, quad-core processor, 1GB RAM

LEMFO LES1 3G Smartwatch comes with specifications such as a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB of storage, and Bluetooth 4.0. It runs Android 5.1 out of the box.  Chances are you have neither heard about this smartwatch nor its manufacturer. Speaking of which, LEMFO is a China-based smartwatch maker that manufactures decently specced smartwatches for… Read More

TCL Movetime Smartwatch Launched in India

TCL Movetime

TCL launches a new smartwatch in India. Dubbed TCL Movetime, it features a heart rate monitor, calorie counter, sleep tracking functionality, sports activity monitor along with workout assistance. After the success of the company’s TV and mobile ventures, TCL has entered the wearables market in India with its latest release; the MoveTime Smartwatch. TCL is a… Read More