Dead Space 4 Release Date, News, Storyline — What To Expect?

Dead Space 4

Here is everything we know thus far about the upcoming Dead Space 4 game.

Dead Space is, without a speck of doubt, one of the most adored gaming franchises on the planet. A franchise featuring multiple video games, two animated movies, and a comic book series. With no news on a potential future title, let’s take a look at the franchise and analyze the chances of a Dead Space 4.

The Past

Dead Space 4
EA shut down Visceral games, the original studio behind the Dead Space Franchise, back in October 2017. This has since left the fans wondering about the uncertain future of the popular gaming franchise.

The first entry into the Dead Space Franchise released way back in 2008 introduced fans to a new dimension of Survival/Horror Sci-Fi games. The game was developed by Visceral Games. The concept was original, the soundtrack was brilliant and the storyline was decent. After the game bringing in a whopping 2 million plus in sales, it’s publisher Electronic Arts (EA) was more than happy to expand their experiment game to a complete franchise.

The company capitalized on the huge demand for a franchise like Dead Space by releasing a comic book series, two animated movies titled Dead Space: Downfall and Dead Space: Aftermath. In 2011 EA released Dead Space 2 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game was subjected to a warm welcome with about 4 million units sold soon after the release. Dead Space 2 is also considered the best game of the franchise with almost every major critic giving it a 9+ rating.

In 2009 EA released it’s first Dead Space game for the Nintendo Wii titled Dead Space: Extraction. The game was meant to be a prequel to the original Dead Space.

After all this success Dead Space 3 seemed like a no-brainer, sadly the third expansion didn’t do as well as EA expected. The game ended up being a disaster and EA has shelved the Dead Space Franchise ever since. Moreover, the horrible third iteration led to shutting down of Visceral Games, the developer of the franchise.

The Present

Like mentioned before, Visceral Games shut down in 2017 leaving the Dead Space franchise alone and hanging. There is no news on a future release as EA has moved on to newer titles. But here is the thing about popular video game titles, EA knows the potential of Dead Space franchise, but because Dead Space 3 was poorly received, they have decided to let the franchise remain forgotten only to bring it back in few years and cash in on the nostalgia element of fans.

However Sci-Fi/Horror is no longer an unexplored genre as we have tons of new games coming out like Alien Isolation, The Evil Within which has filled the void left by Dead Space.

If they ever decide to bank in on a potential Dead Space 4, EA has half the work cut short for them thanks to the amazing Reddit community who has theorized a potential storyline for Dead Space 4.

The theorized storyline takes place in a timeline before the events of Dead Space 3 focussing on the discovery of the Black Marker which has been heavily mentioned in Dead Space 2. Like with stories of Dead Space, Game of Thrones, there is plenty of unexplored history the creators can cash in on even after the main story arc ends. When it comes to Dead Space, there is always scope for prequels and this time they have access to the modern powerful consoles allowing them to create a more immersive horror experience than ever before.

The Future

As of now, EA is waiting for the perfect time to renew the franchise and knowing how well the video game firm is at their business they will eventually bring back the Dead Space franchise to life even if it is a way to cash in on the nostalgia factor. Sadly, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Potential Release Date: When will Dead Space 4 come out?

From a business point of view, there is no huge market for a Dead Space 4 at the moment. However, this will change drastically when the new consoles release and the consumers will be eagerly waiting to test the power of the new consoles. A new Dead Space title with modern graphics and well-furnished storyline can be just what the franchise needs to rejuvenate and claim back its title as the best Survival/Horror/Sci-Fi franchise ever made. The new consoles are expected to release in 2020, so 2020-2021 seems to be the best time frame for a potential Dead Space 4.

Make sure you bookmark the article as we will be constantly updating it as we get more news from EA.

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