DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker heavily discounted

Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth
The original price of the Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 portable speaker was $90.

Looking for a cheap replacement for your old portable speaker? In that case, you should probably check out the DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 portable speaker that is currently selling for a heavily discounted price on Amazon. Speaking off, you can get this one for just $29.99 against the original price of $89.99. Woah, that hella a deal right there!

In addition to the ultra portability factor, the Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth speaker has touch-sensitive buttons on top that lets you play, pause and skip music accordingly. There is also a touch sensitive button that lets you change the volume level of the device.

The speaker looks simple and sleek and can be easily slipped into your backpack or bag. There is no questioning on the clarity of the sound coming through this speaker as the company promises less than 1% total harmonic distortion. Now, that’s impressive!

Worried about the battery life? Well, the Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 packs a 2200 mAh battery that gives you over 12 hours of music playback. After the battery goes off, you can recharge the speaker in just 3 hours using a micro USB cable.

With this ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy 360-degree surround sound thanks to dual high-performance drivers and a uniquely enhanced bass. Besides playing music from a Bluetooth supported device, you can also make the soundbox play music from a microSD card or from any device via the Aux-In port.

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