Intel Kaby Lake G Vega M Specs and Release Date

Intel Kaby Lake G specs and release date

Intel Kaby Lake G Release

Just after the initial launch announcement of the Intel Kaby Lake G in January, we don’t expect to be seeing the new chips until at least Spring 2018. This could mean that they start rolling out mid-late March. However, we don’t know an exact date as of now.


Surprisingly, for the new chips, Intel have actually teamed up with AMD. It is, in fact, the AMD part of the processor which is the most interesting. CPUs aren’t exactly an exciting piece of hardware and especially as they are still using the boring old Kaby Lake 14nm architecture.

However, it seems that it is going to be 4 cores and 8 threads for the new line of Vega M G-Series CPU’s. This means that the i7-8809G, 8709G, 8706G and 8705G will have 4 cores and 8 threads.

To mix things up, there is, in fact, an i5 chip; the i5 8305G. Surprisingly, Intel have decided that they will also give the i5 4 cores and 8 threads. This almost brings the i5 up to par with the i7. The only main difference is the i7 has higher clock-speeds and cache.

Performance and Price

Currently, the only info we have on performance is what Intel has told us. Based on this, we will have to take Intel’s word and wait until the machines are released before we know the real performance.

Regarding price, we are also twiddling our thumbs waiting for some form of pricing guide. However, there isn’t much info on price other than Intel saying it isn’t about gaming speed but instead, cost.

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