This LG G6 battery drain issue makes me feel that Apple may have done the right thing

LG G6 users are facing battery drain issue
Users report that the SOT is getting worse after each software update.

When Apple confirmed that they slow down the older iPhones with new iOS updates, the world went full covfefe bashing the firm in every way possible. However, they undoubtedly failed to understand why the action was being carried out in the first place. Sure, the firm should have been upfront about the fact and I am certainly not vouching for Apple here. But, this LG G6 battery issue I’ve come across on Reddit makes me wanna change my perspective.

It’s just horrible! 3 hours SOT for a phone that’s only a few months old? The stats, posted on Reddit, show that the battery life of the LG G6 got only worse after each and every software update rolled out by the South Korean giant. If you are something like me and prioritizes battery life over just about anything else, then this could be termed as the ultimate bummer move from the Life’s Good folks. Not cool!

Apple’s iPhone 7, on the other hand, still provides about 7-8 hours of battery life on a single charge. And, we’re talking about a handset that was released even before the LG G6 (Dec 2016 vs Feb 2017). This sure as hell sucks for the LG fans who bought the underpowered “flagship” phone while they could have easily gone for the Galaxy S8 (which still gives me about 8 hours SOT) or even the Xperia XZ Premium. Or, even the iPhone 7!

We all know, Lithium batteries degrade over time causing a heavy impact on battery life, effectively bringing down your phone’s SOT. The only countermeasure you or the manufacturing firm can take is to replace the older battery with a new one or resort to performance throttling via software update for the longevity of the device. However, it goes without saying that the former option is almost a no-go for the normal users thanks to the non-removable rear. And thus, the only viable choice the users are left with is to let the manufacturer throttle the performance of the handset in favor of better battery life and to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

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This LG G6 battery drain issue makes me feel that Apple may have done the right thing was last modified: January 6th, 2018 by Abhin Mahipal

Abhin Mahipal

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