Mycroft Mark II Is “An Open Answer To Amazon Echo & Google Home”

Mycroft Mark II smart speaker
Mycroft Mark II is world’s first open-source smart speaker.

If you’re someone concerned with privacy issues, it may not be a good idea to go for any of the two popular smart speakers of the world: Amazon Echo and Google Home. So, which smart speaker should the privacy-loving folks buy? Simple: The Mycroft Mark II. Well, in case you didn’t know, the Mycroft Mark II is the world’s first open-source smart speaker that won’t sell your voice data thus protecting your privacy.

The device looks sleek, it comes with a high-quality 4-inch display, multi-microphone array, and high-quality stereo speakers. The display is designed to show details such as timers, calendars, weather forecasts, and more. The Kickstarter campaign for the device also boasts about the listening capabilities of the device. It notes, the device can hear you even when you’re across the room. Or, even when there’s a loud music playing in the background.

Further, the Mycroft Mark II is said to be quite an upgrade over the Mark I when it comes to the speaker system. Speaking of which, the smart speaker will provide you crisp and encompassing sound quality while playing your daily podcasts, music, and more; thanks to the addition of 10-watt speaker design with dual 2-inch full-range drivers.

Besides that, the speaker comes with 140 skills built in. And that includes creating shopping lists, cracking jokes, playing music, and more. The developer also says that there is a robust community working behind scenes aimed at expanding and improving the skills.

In terms of connectivity, this smart speaker system supports WiFi, Bluetooth, it also has a full-sized USB port for file transfers and an SD card slot for carrying out software updates. Under the hood, it houses a Xilinx quad-core processor, far-field 6-microphone array, and stereo speakers with dual 2-inch drivers.

To learn more about the device and show your support, head over to the source link below. As far as the pricing is concerned, you’ll have to make a pledge of at least $129 to get this bad boy sometime in December this year.

Keep going for the Kickstarter campaign video of the Mark II:

Source: Kickstarter

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