AMD Ryzen 2 CPU Details To Be Revealed At GDC

AMD to reveal more details about Ryzen 2 at GDC
AMD To Release Second Gen of Ryzen CPUs

It has been announced that AMD are going to be releasing their second generation of the Ryzen CPU’s. Currently, we know that they plan to release the CPUs in April. However, they will be giving us a sneak peak of the new chip at the GDC in March.

Ryzen 2 Specs

The new pinnacle ridge chips, named the Ryzen 2000 series, will feature the new Zen+ and will be using an improved 12nm process in production. Sadly, with the new 12nm design, don’t be expecting an additional cores or threads. This CPU is focused on power over transistor density.

However, the new Zen+ technology will bring some extra features to optimize the performance. On top of that, the new precision boost 2 and XFR features have changed the overall clock-speeds and CPU goalposts. This means compared to old models, the precision boost will kick in even if all CPU cores are engaged.


With the new Ryzen 2000-series will come a brand new 400-series chipset. This has caused a lot of panic for people still rocking the 300-series AM4 board. However, it will still be compatible with the new CPU’s, it will just require a BIOS update.

The BIOS update won’t release at the same time as the chip. Thankfully, the update will be pushed out before the April release.


As the launch isn’t until April, we don’t have the final pricing for the Ryzen 2 CPU’s. However, due to the fact that the Ryzen 2000-series hasn’t changed much in terms of specs, we don’t expect there to be much of a price difference.

Source: PCGamesN

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