Why Saints Row 5 Won’t Likely Happen?

Saints Row 5 likely canceled

Sure, there is a multitude of rumors on the internet that suggests Saints Row 5 might release sometime during the fall of 2018. But, it’s worth noting that the publisher of the franchise, THQ Nordic, has been mum about the existence of such a game thus far. This has put the future of the open-world action-adventure game in doubt, leaving fans high and dry about the follow-up to one of the least fashionable Saints Row titles, Gat out of Hell.

It goes without saying, but all the information about Saints Row 5 available at this point are purely based on speculations. Thus, the legitimacy of these “reports” are questionable regardless of whether they’ve been published by a reputable website or not. So, without waiting any longer, here are the 5 reasons why I think there is not going to be a new Saints Row game anytime soon.

The plotline has basically become a joke

Don’t get me wrong, Saints Row series have been doing great and used to be one of the few franchises available at the time that could be considered as a decent competitor to Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Things took a turn when THQ filed bankruptcy back in late 2012 and sold off their studios and intellectual properties to Koch Media. Deep Silver, gaming label owned by Koch Media, then released Saints Row 4 featuring aliens and superhero powers, thus ridiculing Saints Row fans and gamers in general.

What essentially started as a simple street gang-rivalry game had become a Hollywood-style Sci-Fi ‘movie’ with super speed and super jump powers. Negative reviews from both critics and fans had caused a massive drop in sales numbers, following the first week of release that saw Saints Row 4 selling like hot cakes. Per reports, the game had managed to sell more than one million copies in the very first week, though the following weeks emerged as a failure in terms of sales.

No one, and I repeat, no one would want a successor to Saints Row 4 or Gat out of Hell for obvious reasons. So, it’s a safe guess to assume that Saints Row 5 is canceled because — let’s face it — Saints Row 4 sucks! However, on the off chance that THQ Nordic is indeed working on a potential successor, then it better be based on Saints Row 3 rather than Saints Row 4.

Agents of Mayhem was essentially Saints Row 5 disguised as a new IP

If you’ve checked out Agents of Mayhem, you’d know that this one is basically yet another Saints Row game disguised as a new IP. The publisher Deep Silver supposedly wanted the new addition to standing distinguished from the original Saints Row series as a majority of fans still relate to the latter as a gangsta-sorta game (as was the case until the Saints Row 3) without any super power stuff.

On the flip side, Agents of Mayhem was more like Saints Row 4 rather than the titles preceding it. Considering that not many gamers appreciated Saints Row 4 as a fitting successor to Saints Row 3, it was probably a good idea that Deep Silver decided to go for a new IP and not stick a Saints Row tag to it. AoM, however, shares a lot of stuff in common with Saints Row games as they are set in the same universe with some common characters and enticing humor elements.

Sure, the franchise now has a new home under THQ Nordic following the acquisition of Koch Media and Deep Silver. But, neither has THQ Nordic confirmed the existence of a new Saints Row title.

Saints Row 4 was a flop, so there’s no point

Though Volition sold 1 million copies of Saints Row 4 in the first week, the game didn’t do particularly well in the following weeks due to poor reviews from game critics and negative word-of-mouth from gamers. It is extremely unlikely that a gaming studio would work on a sequel to a game that flopped very abruptly. So, there’s that!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think THQ Nordic will ever release Saints Row 5? Would you be interested in a new Saints Row that follows the simple yet fun street gang rivalry from Saints Row 1, 2, 3 or would you rather be fine with superhero and alien stuff taking over the franchise?

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