Exclusive: OnePlus 5T WON’T likely happen — might skip directly to OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6
A new report suggests that OnePlus might skip OnePlus 5T in favor of OnePlus 6. The forthcoming phone will feature a brand new design, according to the report.

It’s 2017 and we now have smartphones that cost as much as TVs. Smartphone makers are competing with each other to integrate the latest and best in the field of mobile technology into their flagship devices, thereby, releasing mobile phones that cost as high as $1000. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and Apple’s iPhone X are the firsts to feature such an exorbitant price tag. However, it’s not just stopping there!

According to recent reports, the forthcoming Pixel smartphones from Google are also expected to follow the same path. We have come to a point in time wherein if you are in the market for a high-end handset, you gotta keep at least $1000 in your pocket to get the best of what the industry has to offer. That’s where the smartphone market is headed to, and that is quite vexatious, to be honest.

However, it’s worth noting that not all smartphone manufacturers are ready to invest in this lavishly priced mobile business. In fact, Chinese manufacturers such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Huawei have always maintained a reasonable price on their devices. They’ve always kept their pricing in check while also not compromising on the quality of the devices.

Sure, OnePlus’ latest flagship – OnePlus 5 – doesn’t follow the new all-screen design trend, nor does it have any IP certifications. But, that’s the point! For those who need the aforementioned features, they could just go for more expensive options such as the Galaxy S8 or Note 8. While for the others who are pretty content with the old-school design with noticeable bezels, the OnePlus 5 isn’t a bad choice, at all.

OnePlus 5, even without costing you a leg and an arm, features Galaxy Note8-grade specs. In fact, there is even a variant that features more RAM than the Note 8, while still costing $400 lower. Now, if that didn’t seem appealing to you, this test proves that OP5 has a better battery life than the Note 8. Twice the price, twice as good? Nah!

All the while, the Chinese firm has managed to create a strong fanbase around the world. And today, we have good news and bad news, for the hard-core OnePlus fans, about the firm’s next flagship. First off, let’s get the bad news out of the way: OnePlus will not launch the much-rumored OnePlus 5T. The device was previously rumored to launch towards the end of this year with improved hardware and IP certification. However, it won’t likely happen, according to a new reliable report. However, the report fails to give an appropriate reason as to why OnePlus is ditching the OnePlus 5T.

XDA Developers earlier reported that Qualcomm isn’t working on any new chipset scheduled to release this year. Our best bet is that this could likely be the reason behind the alleged move by the Chinese firm, as they would have nothing new to offer even if they launch 5T this year.

On the flip side, the good news is that the Chinese firm is rumored to launch the OnePlus 6 handset early next year. The report also suggests that this handset will feature an all-screen design with fewer bezels along the top and bottom. If that’s true, the front-mounted fingerprint sensor will likely be repositioned to the rear so as to increase the screen real estate up front.

Previous rumors have suggested that it will feature a 6.0-inch QuadHD display. Besides that, we expect the OnePlus 6 to pack Snapdragon 845 processor under the helm along with 6/8GB of RAM. The storage options will remain the same at 64/128 gigs.

So, will you buy the OnePlus 6 when it launches next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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