4 Best OnePlus 5T Cases that You Need to Check Out

Here is a list of some of the best OnePlus 5T cases that are available for purchase

4 Best OnePlus 5T Cases in 2017

After months of leaks and rumors, OnePlus has finally launched their latest flagship smartphone dubbed OnePlus 5T. Although the new handset rocks many of the same specs as its predecessor, it does have a few enticing features to top the best smartphones chart of 2017. For those who are planning to buy the 5T when it hits the store on November 21st, we have put up some of the best OnePlus 5T cases, that you can get in the market, to ensure cent percent protection against possible damages.

One of the disappointing things about the OnePlus 5, that launched earlier this year, was that it lacked what is clearly the top smartphone trend of 2017 – an all-screen design. The Chinese firm put the blame on the lack of appropriate technology to craft such a design back then. Fast forward to today, they have all the necessary technology to do so and have managed to pull off what is clearly the most gorgeous-looking handset the company has ever made.

To reserve more space for the display up front, the firm had to move the fingerprint scanner on the 5T on to the rear. And for this one reason, you simply can’t slap a OnePlus 5 case on the OnePlus 5T. Sure, that sucks, but what other choice do we have?

With new all-screen front design and fewer bezels, the 5T is more prone to damages than previous OnePlus handsets. And you definitely wouldn’t want to scratch that Aluminum rear or the glass up front. So, you’ll need one of the best OnePlus 5T cases available to protect your brand new phone from inevitable falls.

Here are the 4 best cases for the OnePlus 5T we’ve found so far.

OnePlus 5T Sandstone Case (Recommended)

Sandstone case for the OnePlus 5T
The Sandstone case is one of the best cases you can snap on your new OnePlus 5T.

Sure, there are numerous cases available for the OnePlus 5T on Amazon and other online retailers, but let’s face it: OnePlus’ signature Sandstone case is arguably the best case you can get for the new device. It looks simple and elegant; the Sandstone case has been the fan-favorite choice for years now.

The case has got raised edges to provide added protection to the camera, screen, and buttons. It is made out of polycarbonate and weighs about 17 grams. The Sandstone case for the 5T sells for $19.95 on OnePlus’ official store.

TopAce Flexible TPU Soft Silicone Cover

TPU cases for the 5T

Next on our list of the best OnePlus 5T cases is TopAce‘s Flexible TPU soft skin silicone cover. The OnePlus 5T smartphone releases only November 21st, but a good number of suitable cases have already made it to online stores prior to the official release. And, that’s certainly a good thing as you would already have a case in your hand by the phone arrives as per the shipping dates.

The case is flexible and is made out of Silicone and TPU. This incredibly light-weighted cover for the OnePlus 5T is now selling on Amazon for just $8.99. Also, you can get this case in any of the three color options including black, red, and Gray.

KuGi Flexible Soft TPU Case

Flexible case for the OP5T

Honestly speaking, KuGi Flexible Soft TPU case is my favorite choice so far. The KuGi case takes on a slim design, yet it provides drop and bezel screen protection. The best part, however, is that it is available in a wide range of colors including Black, Navy, Red, and Gray.

Similar to the TopAce case we listed above, this one is also made out of high-quality TPU material. So, it should be pretty good enough to let you through your first one or two years with the phone. The other highlight of this case is that it sells for less than 5 dollars on Amazon. To be precise, we’re talking about a $4.95 priced case for the 5T.

TopAce Super Slim Shell Cover

TopAce slim cover is one of the most simple-looking cases for the 5T

For those who prefer a simple and minimalistic design over gimmicks, then TopAce Super Slim Shell cover should the perfect choice. It sells for $8.99 on Amazon and offers a firm and comfortable grip for the handset. Although it’s pretty easy to slap the cover on the 5T, it’s worth noting that you may find it difficult to take it off of the handset on the first try.

Since the device has not hit the shelves yet, there are not many cases available to the consumers at the moment. However, we promise that we’ll be updating this article as soon as we find better cases making it to the online stores. So, you gotta stay tuned to our website!

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