GeekBuying Elephone Action Camera Sale Goes Live With Amazing Discounts

GeekBuying Elephone Action Camera Sale goes live with some nice discounts
Planning to buy an action camera anytime soon? Well, then make sure you check out GeekBuying’s Elephone Action Camera Sale.

Elephone has been in the action camera business for quite some time now, offering huge bang for your bucks. And now, thanks to GeekBuying’s Elephone Action Camera Sale, Elephone’s action cams are now even cheaper than before. The sale is already live on the online store, offering some nice discounts for up to seven action cameras manufactured by the Chinese firm.

These are the products available for the sale:

Elephone Ele Explorer S

New price: $38.99, original price: $64.99


  • 4K HD video shooting
  • 16MP photos
  • 170-degree HD wide angle
  • 2-inch 320x240p screen
  • Allwinner V3 CPU
  • Sony IMX179 sensor
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 900mAh battery

Elephone Rexso Explorer X

New Price: $49.99, original price: $69.99


  • 4K video shooting at 30fps
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 170-degree ultra wide angle
  • water resistant up to 30m with waterproof casing
  • 2-inch 320x240p screen
  • 900mAh battery
  • Allwinner V3 CPU

Other action cameras currently on sale include:

Ele Cam 360 Panoramic action cam

New Price: $139.99, original price: $187.93

Elephone Ele Cam Explorer

New Price: 68.99, original price: $165.99

Elephone Explorer Elite

New price: $79.89, original price: $114.98

Elephone Explorer Dual

New Price: $79.99, original price: $99.99

Elephone Explorer Pro

New Price: $99.99, original price: $149.99

To know more details about the aforementioned devices or to buy one of them, head over to the source link below.

Source: GeekBuying

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