UC Browser vs Google Chrome: Which Android browser Should You Use in 2018?

UC Browser vs Google Chrome

UC Browser vs Google Chrome: Which is Better?

Back in the early days following Android OS release, we did not have as many Android browsers as we have today. There were only a few ones including a stock browser and the Google Chrome. Fast forward to today, we have nearly thousands of them in the Play Store available for download on an Android-powered smartphone or tablet. However, with numbers come competition and firms are working hard to integrate as many unique features as they can to catch the attention of the users.

Alibaba-owned UC browser is relatively one of the latest additions to the stream of Android browsers. However, in a short time, the browser managed to strike gold and, now, has over 425 million users across the globe. Out of that whopping number, a majority of the users are from India, where UC Browser owns over 58% market share. Impressive figures, indeed!

On the flip side, when it comes to global market share, Google’s Chrome, of course, has the upper hand. The Chrome browser owns about 60%, while the UC Browser has a mere 17.42% share.

Mind you, we are not here to talk about the market share or the popularity of either of the browsers. Instead, this article is supposed to compare both the browsers for their features. So, without further ado, let’s see which one of these two browsers is the best for your Android device.

UC Browser vs Google Chrome Comparison

User Interface

It’s quite difficult to compare both the browsers in terms of user interface, as it is highly subjective. But for me, the Google Chrome looks neat with a minimal design. The UC Browser, on the other hand, looks cluttered with a plethora of untoward features.

If you’re a fan of simple design, you’re probably gonna love the user interface that the Chrome offers. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a feature-rich interface, then UC Browser might be the one for you!

Download Size

For the unmindful, the UC Browser is popular for the features it offers for a small sized package. The app is only about 26MB in size and is, thus, one of the lightest browsers in the Play Store. In other words, it is a powerhouse in a small package.

Sure, Google Chrome is the most popular Android browser out there, however, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the worst browsers when it comes to memory size and RAM usage. The Chrome browser by Google weighs over 150MB in size.

Which is Faster — UC Browser vs Google Chrome?

If you happen to have an ultra slow connection, the UC Browser should be your best choice. The web pages are optimized very well to load quickly on any sort of internal connection.

Although Google Chrome comes nowhere near UC when it comes to reduced data consumption, the former does have a feature that optimizes web pages to load faster on slow connections.

Nevertheless, if you have a pretty fast WiFi connection, then I recommend using Google Chrome as websites look cleaner and better optimized for mobile screens.

Download Manager

The worst thing about the Google Chrome browser is its download manager. It neither shows the download speed at which a file is downloading nor does it show the status of the download.

The UC Browser, on the other hand, comes with a very enticing download manager that tracks everything from the download speed to the status of the download. It looks neat and can view the downloaded file or video using the browser itself.

So, UC clearly has an edge over the Google Chrome when it comes to downloading and reduced data consumption.

UC Browser vs Google Chrome: Wrapping Up

Both UC Browser and Chrome are good in their own ways. While the former is your best choice in case you have a slow connection, the latter is the best in terms of better user experience.

It’s worth keeping in mind that UC Browser can become quite irritating with pop-up ads and objectionable news stories. The Chrome, on the other hand, comes with none of that.

So, if you have a great internet connection and don’t want your browsing experience to be interfered by unwelcome ads and pop-ups, then I recommend using Google Chrome, by all means.

Share your opinions in the commenting section below and let us know about the browser of your choice.

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